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Transform Your Loneliness in Just 2 Hours: Join Our Powerful Hakomi Method Events

The moment you bring awareness to your loneliness, it begins to change.


You don’t have to do anything crazy. Showing up and bringing your attention to feeling lonely initiates a neurological process that changes your brain’s shape. Attention shapes how your brain functions, its structure, and influences your perceptual, emotional, decisional and social functioning. 

Practicing mindfulness hones your attention by strengthening brain synapses within a safe, present-moment container while reconnecting you with your body — the seat of your unconscious. Add mindfulness in the presence of others, and you’ve got a potent space for transmuting your loneliness.

For those who feel lonely, this is the transformative, cathartic power of our trainer-facilitated Hakomi method events.

Longing to connect with others more meaningfully?

Join a virtual Hakomi method event facilitated by skilled trainers steeped in this powerful mindfulness-based somatic therapy.

Learn why heart-centered people of all types and backgrounds can benefit from building Hakomi skills in their personal and work lives — from the curious, lifelong learner or spiritual seeker to professional coaches, healers, therapists, educators and doctors.

The First Step: Acknowledge You’re Feeling Alone

It’s not just you. 


It’s me. It’s us all. Everywhere.


Because loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. In May, the U.S. Surgeon General raised the flag on “the public health crisis of loneliness, isolation, and lack of connection” in the States. But the loneliness epidemic we’re facing knows no geographical or cultural boundaries. 


Loneliness is a global issue.

"I thought 2022 being so far after the rise of the pandemic meant it would be a good year for me. I was recently newlywed. We'd bought a home and land in the countryside. I was doing my dream job in my dream role. It turned out to be the loneliest, darkest year I can ever remember."  — Carolyn E., HEN Member

And while loneliness is a normal, natural part of our human experience, chronic loneliness combined with the technology-exacerbated “connection in isolation” of our modern world isn’t just impacting somebody else, somewhere else.


Canadian youth who identify as female report feeling lonely 2X more than any other age group in the country. And across the pond, U.K.-based experts in the field of loneliness and connection, Campaign to End Loneliness, reported last year that almost 50% of adults (or just under 26 million people) in the U.K. reported feeling lonely. Growing numbers of workers say they often or always feel lonely at work.


Feelings of loneliness are reaching a groundswell no matter who you are, how you identify, where you live, how long you’ve been alive or even what groups you engage with.

Name the loneliness you're feeling

So, first, we've acknowledged it.


But then we need to name it.

What’s the quality of the feelings of loneliness you’re feeling? 


  • Is it a sneaking fear of being alone you’ve been sensing just under the surface of your life and relationships? 

  • Are you in a relationship but still feel lonely?

  • Has it been a long-standing, chronic loneliness you can’t seem to shake?

  • Does your loneliness have a tinge of anxiety in it? Grief?

  • Or it morphs into depression.

  • Even in the company of others, do you still feel alone? Can you sense if it’s emotional loneliness you’re experiencing even when people surround you?

Let’s simply gather more information about your loneliness. We’re not here to judge it or make up stories about what it might mean.


Becoming a mindful observer of the quality of your loneliness can unlock the real, pathbreaking power of the Hakomi method that you’ll experience in our Hakomi method events.

Longing to connect with others more meaningfully?

Join a virtual Hakomi method event facilitated by skilled trainers steeped in this powerful mindfulness-based somatic therapy.

Understanding How the Hakomi Method Approaches Loneliness

We live in our heads.


We’ve become mostly an over-thinking, strategizing, worrying, and planning human culture. This chronic, unconscious state takes us out of the present moment, our current experience, and our bodies. So, we end up living either in our past or our future.


Which means we give away the only intrinsic power that we have — in the truth of our present moment — to actually change our experience of the past or actively seek out a different future.

Hakomi method equation.png

This is where your attention + the loving presence of another + a mindful space facilitated by a trainer certified in the Hakomi Method comes in.

Hakomi’s Mindfulness Somatic Therapeutic approach holistically and nonjudgmentally holds space for all of your experiences — whether past, present or future.


But the approach focuses on the present: What’s here right now? By being in the compassionate, loving presence of another who guides you into a mindful presence with yourself, the Hakomi process assists you in getting to know what’s present in your body and its relationship to your past or future. In mindfulness, with a skilled Hakomi-trained guide, you can explore an entire realm of inner experiences affecting the quality of your life that you may have never even noticed before. 


Your body holds the key to understanding these realms of feeling, sensation, impulse, memory, color, quality, voice, and more, and the Hakomi method mindfully and lovingly helps you access them so you regain your power and begin living in the presence of your life.

Hakomi Stories: Testimonials on Hakomi Method’s Impact

Discover what others have to say about their Hakomi experience.

Ana Murillo

Profesora, (Pamplona, España)

El Hakomi deja tu día a día, siempre positivo, siempre alentador

“Uno sale siempre, o yo por lo menos, algo fortalecida, vivificada de una sesión de Hakomi. Y me llevó eso, la buena sensación y ese eco que el Hakomi deja en tu día a día, siempre positivo, siempre alentador. Estas experiencias de Hakomi, aparentemente sencillas, tienen un potencial, a mi modo de ver, impresionante.”

Fayna Curbelo

Terapeuta y Formadora (Córdoba, España)

Me llevo mucho

“Lo que he aprendido de mi es que la vergüenza es un patrón muy nuclear. Muy arraigado y que tiene consecuencias muy extensas en mi personalidad. Es como haberme dado cuenta de que busco la aprobación y ese sentido de pertenencia. Ese anhelo he podido hoy sentir. El anhelo profundo de pertenencia y de conexión. Y cómo he creado mecanismos de compensación y mecanismos de adaptación para buscar en las relaciones la aprobación y cómo me he modificado a mi misma para encajar y para sentir la pertenencia.”

Maria del Carmen Romero

Terapeuta (Zaragoza, España)

Una grata sorpresa!

“Para mi esta experiencia ha sido liberadora. Aunque ya había trabajado en otras formaciones, había algo que faltaba. Y bueno, hoy me lo llevo. Porque desde un lugar muy cuidadoso, muy cuidadoso, hay una tranquilidad y una sensación de alivio y de paz.”

Your Transformational Journey: What to Expect in a Hakomi Method Event

Hakomi Method events create experiential learning.

Your learning will unfold in a series of simple experiments in a small group setting over approximately two hours. A skilled Hakomi method trainer will carefully guide your experience.

There's absolutely:

  • no need to prepare. Come as you are! 

  • No time-consuming handouts.

  • No boring or heady presentations.

The format of Hakomi method events is both online via Zoom virtual webinar and in-person.


The focus of these therapeutic mindfulness events, whether in-person or online, is to offer you a felt sense of what Hakomi is. There's no commitment to training. Simply show up and enjoy the experience. You decide if it works for you.

Whether you’ve come for personal growth or professional development, you’ll find everything you need is in this space. You’ll be guided through the transformational self-study exercises that will inspire you with the insights you need for your personal transformation.

Meet The Trainers: Your Hakomi Method Event Facilitators

Hakomi Education Network’s certified trainers complete an average of 600 hours of Hakomi method training and practice.

Teresa Garcia Hubard, MSCP
Hakomi Certified Trainer

Author and psychologist Teresa’s Garcia Hubard’s 15 years practicing and studying Hakomi have given her a method of self-discovery where her job is to be radically present — holding space and honoring the inner wisdom of those who allow her to accompany them on their self-study journey. For her, Hakomi's Buddhist and Taoist foundations are a constant inspiration to not separate the personal path from the spiritual. 

Diana Akawie
Counselor, Meditation Teacher
Hakomi Certified Trainer

Personal development counselor, Diana Akawie, has practiced and studied Hakomi method for the last 24 years in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Buenos Aires. As a Hakomi Certified Trainer, she’s led introductory workshops to the Hakomi method for the last 20 years in Argentina and Uruguay. She also leads meditation and Chi Kung practice groups as a body psych. consultant and meditation teacher.

Connect Event registration CTA


Longing to connect with others more meaningfully?

Join a virtual Hakomi method event facilitated by skilled trainers steeped in this powerful mindfulness-based somatic therapy.

  • ven. 29 sept.
    29 sept. 2023, 09:00 – 11:30 UTC−7
    29 sept. 2023, 09:00 – 11:30 UTC−7
    La soledad es una experiencia humana que presenta muchas facetas y ofrece muchas posibilidades.

3 Therapeutically-Validated Ways You Can Feel Less Lonely Today by Joining a Hakomi Mindfulness Event

Hakomi method events, membership, and training can help you build meaningful human connection in your personal and work life.

Photo 27-09-16 16 35 02.jpg

Connect more compassionately with yourself first.

The antidote for coping with loneliness and isolation is purely and simply connection. Hakomi mindful somatic events empower you to explore your inner world, develop self-awareness and self-compassion, and establish a healthier relationship with yourself… and others.

Build skill connecting with others.

Learn social skills to improve your ability to be present with the people in your life. Hakomi method events are held in group settings as the shared presence of a facilitated group provides a potent space for building resonance with others, practicing mindful communication, overcoming fear of vulnerability — and discovering that you’re not alone after all. 

Hakomi Bilbao 2019_edited.jpg

Get the training and resources you need to feel less lonely.

Come to experience the nourishment of the Hakomi method in a trainer-facilitated group space. Meet a community of support where you can continue the experience as a HEN member, client or student of Hakomi mindfulness somatic therapy.

"As a professional counselor I’ve been exposed to many methods and I’ve never seen anything like Hakomi.

There’s genius in it that’s really profound." 

Art Phipps
Counsellor & Hakomi Practitioner, Vancouver, CA

Join Our Hakomi Method Events and Embrace Connection

Get started practicing the skills to turn your loneliness into your reconnection story with yourself, those you love most, and your life. Embrace feeling lonely as a wise teacher, here to offer you the opportunity to live a life well-lived.


We limit event space to create a more intimate, personalized experience for attendees. And so our trainers can maintain a safe, non-judgmental space where you can share your personal experience of loneliness. Register today to secure your seat at our Hakomi method events.

"Hakomi really helped me to look for the gift that everyone that I am working with is offering me."

Shelley Winton, Nurse, Team Leader and Hakomi Teacher

Recovering from Loneliness is Possible

Transforming isolation and exclusion into meaningful human connection is possible with the right approach and support. 


Our Hakomi Education Network events create that supportive space. 


All you need to do? Take the simple first step of joining us for a Hakomi method mindfulness event by registering below today.

Longing to connect with others more meaningfully?

Join a virtual Hakomi method event facilitated by skilled trainers steeped in this powerful mindfulness-based somatic therapy.

And, thank you for both your willingness to show up for this transformative path and for trusting us with the truth of your experience. We honor you wherever you’re at in your relationship to loneliness.


For questions, please use the contact us button to the right.


When you register for a Hakomi Education Network event, your data is kept private and secure. Disclaimer: Hakomi method events are not meant to replace professional help, only serve as an adjunct to working with a professional.

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