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Hopi Family Fundraiser Update

Dear Hakomi Community,

We would like to thank you for your heartful response to our request to support paying for medical expenses for a Hopi family experiencing a life-threatening illness. We are thrilled to see the community respond with care and financial support. To date, our international Hakomi community has raised $6,331.08, with 74 unique donations. All this money has been received by the family. This has been a wild success that is having a real impact on the family.

This is what a member of the family told us:

“I am just beyond happy and sooo. . . sooo thankful to you all. I myself [am] keeping strong and positive about everything. If it weren't for all your donations I wouldn't have gotten this far in this process of getting a kidney transplant. I love you all soooo much, you all bring tears to my eyes because I am so grateful. many. . many blessings to you all…. It worries me so much on how I am going to make ends meet with my hospital bills and upcoming appointments and surgeries I still need to go through. Again thanks to you all with kind hearts I am making it by….There [are] just no words to find to let you all know how thankful I am. Many good blessings to you all.”

As you may know, our group has been meeting for three years now, carefully investigating what might be an appropriate response to the Hakomi Education Network and the Hakomi Institute using the sacred Hopi word, “hakomi.” Although permission was given by Grandfather David of the Hopi to use the word, neither of our organisations has maintained a relationship or engaged with the Hopi in the form of reciprocity. Our group has decided that this is important, whether we eventually choose to keep or release the name, “hakomi.” This donation request, which came directly to one of our group members, was our first, informal opportunity for our broad Hakomi community to begin building a bridge with Hopi people.

We are so happy to spread this good news to you all, whether you have donated this time or not. Although we have met our goal of $5000 in donations, you can still make a donation to these elders if you wish, by emailing Rebecca Lincoln ( or Marcia Burton (

We intend that there will also be more opportunities to donate to other Hopi people/projects in the future. We are in the process of exploring the possibility of creating a Hopi Reciprocity Fund that is a shared project of the Hakomi Institute and Hakomi Education Network. This could offer HI and HEN the chance to build and maintain a relationship of ongoing reciprocity in response to the needs of the Hopi.

Thank you for being the kind of people who care about this!

The Hakomi Name Group

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