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Grief Unfolding with Hakomi... a little more
Grief Unfolding with Hakomi... a little more




Grief Unfolding with Hakomi... a little more

The early November Grief Unfolding event was so deeply appreciated that the facilitators recognized the need for a follow up event. Especially considering the challenging current world events, exploring grief is such an important and timely topic. (Held in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, & Russian).

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2023年12月15日 17:00 – 20:00 GMT




We invite you to experience the gentle and compassionate approach of the Hakomi Method as we explore the profound topic of grief.

Acknowledging the impermanence of all things, grief is just part of life.  As things change we experience loss and grief follows. In order to stay resilient in the face of change we need to feel our grief. Unknown and unseen grief can be like an inner freeze that waits for the presence of receptive and loving people before it can begin to unfold.

There has been so much change in the world recently and we will all be holding grief. We could be grieving changes in our environment, loss of loved ones, missed opportunities, painful experiences we’ve lived through and the suffering in the world.

In this workshop we will touch into places in ourselves that hold grief. As we bring grief into consciousness we will allow it to gently unfold in the presence of warm, tender and compassionate witnesses. With this unfolding comes movement and flow towards something new.


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