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Join the Peer Practice Program

Accelerate & deepen your learning of the Hakom Method

The Peer Practice Program

We’re taking what some Hakomi students have been doing and we are enabling students all over the world to easily do it too. Peer Practice Pods are regular, relaxed, and collaborative learning opportunities with fellow Hakomi students. 

This program is a free benefit of having a HEN Membership. (Be sure to sign in to the HEN website to have your membership waive the fee).

How does it work?

Practice Pods are groups of students who meet regularly online in specific time zones and languages. Each Pod will be facilitated by two co-leaders, and will determine their meeting schedule and duration. Each session will run for 1 ½ hours.

The schedule for each individual Pod will be determined by the Pod Leaders. The frequency will either be weekly or bi-weekly.

Upcoming Practice Pod Launches

We facilitate Practice Pods getting started, and then they operate independently. We provide regular support for technical and Hakomi-related questions or issues, but HEN members are the driving force behind this initiative.

  • HEN Dialogue September 2024 (Americas/Europe)
    HEN Dialogue September 2024 (Americas/Europe)
    Fri, Sep 20
    Sep 20, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT
    This is an opportuntity for HEN Member to connect with people beyond their local community who share a love for the Hakomi experience.

Don't see one in your time zone or language?

Sign up to be a pod leader to organize a peer practice session in your area and language.  We'll train and support you. All you need is proficiency with Zoom, email, electronic calendars and a desire to learn Hakomi.

Contact for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the program? All you need to participate is a HEN membership. Students of ANY level of experience are welcome and able to join and gain great value from participating. There are a variety of options for involvement.
Some practice sessions are recorded for further analysis and discussion. Can Peer Practice recordings be submitted to my trainer for Certification? This question depends on consent. First you need to receive consent from the others in the recording, and secondly you need to confirm with your trainer that they are willing to accept such a recording towards your Certification requirements.
Will there be any instruction or teaching in the Practice Pods? Practice Pods are explicitly peer-to-peer learning environments. There will be lots of learning from exploring with your fellow students, but teaching and instruction can only be done by a certified HEN Teacher or Trainer.
What happens if our group has questions about the Method that we can’t answer? HEN has created a Peer Practice Pod forum on the HEN website. Pod leaders are encouraged to post any questions that arise. There will be at least one trainer monitoring and responding to questions posted.
Can I join a pod after it has started? The short answer is no. As you can imagine, practicing the Hakomi Method is an intimate and personal experience. The initial launch meeting creates a safe container to support everyone feeling comfortable with each other and the process. Allowing people to come and go from the pods is disruptive, and therefore not allowed.
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