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A Technology of Inner Wellbeing

Hakomi: simple practices for an inspired personal and working life.

Enhance your life: relationship, marriage, children, abundance. Hakomi is a technology that creates a unique, nurturing and supportive space for your self-study and personal transformation. Any warm hearted person can learn it.

Learn why therapists, educators, counselors, doctors,
and coaches around the world are using Hakomi skills in their professional practices.

Excel in Your Career or Business
While Reducing Burnout, Stress, and Overwhelm

Happy Friends

Make your work process effortless by employing the principles of simplicity, mindfulness and

Loving Presence.

Working in Office

Improve your social skills by helping your teammates reduce their stress by the quality of your presence.

Calm Woman

Remain authentic without being perceived as weak or being emotionally depleted so that you can help others do the same.

"Participating in the learning of Hakomi is a beautiful antidote to burnout and overwhelm in clinical practice." 

Dr. Chase McMurren

Physician & Hakomi Practitioner, Toronto, CA

Experience Personal Freedom and Growth

Hakomi may be for you if you want to:

Photo 27-09-16 16 35 02.jpg

Understand loneliness and social anxiety...

Learn how to reduce it by discovering how to form deep, intimate, and lasting connections with other people;

Replace the suffering...

that comes from grief, burnout, overwhelm, disconnect, and hopelessness with the joy, hope, and freedom of mindfulness, loving presence, and self-discovery;

Hakomi Bilbao 2019_edited.jpg

Support your recovery from addiction...

and learn to manage shame and guilt while becoming healthier mentally, spiritually, and physically;

What to expect

Hakomi Events focus on experiential learning.

The learning will unfold in a series of simple experiments and there's:

  • no need to prepare 

  • no handouts

  • no presentations


The focus of these events, whether in-person or online, is to offer a taste of what Hakomi is. There's no commitment to training. Enjoy the experience and decide if it works for you.

Whether you’ve come for personal growth or professional development, you’ll find everything you need is in this space. You’ll be guided through the transformational self-study exercises that will inspire you with the insights you need for your personal transformation.

Many times it feels better than a spa day!

Past participants often come to these events as a gift to themselves and leave feeling:

Rested & Relaxed

  Emotionally Nourished


Hakomi Stories

Discover what others have to say about their Hakomi experience.

Dr. Chase McMurren
Physician & Hakomi Practitioner, Toronto, CA

Chase's Story: Professional Medical Practice

Dr. Chase tells how he was first drawn to Hakomi and how it has influenced his work as a physician and psychotherapist

Georgia Marvin
Seniour Hakomi Trainer & Legacy Holder, Vancouver, CA

Georgia's Story: Hakomi as a Spiritual Practice

How do you live? How do you be in this world? Hakomi Legacy-holder Georgia shares her Hakomi experience through the ultimate test of spirituality.

Tony Hoare
Life Coach & Hakomi Practitioner, Vancouver, CA

Tony's Story: The Profound Nature of Hakomi

Tony tells the story of this introduction to Hakomi and the moments that deepened his understanding of its profound nature.

"As a professional counselor I’ve been exposed to many methods and I’ve never seen anything like Hakomi.

There’s genius in it that’s really profound." 

Art Phipps
Counsellor & Hakomi Practitioner, Vancouver, CA

What is Hakomi?

The Hakomi Method is grounded in 5 principles:

mindfulness | organicity | nonviolence | mind-body integration | unity 

Integrating principles of Eastern philosophy, primarily Buddhism and Taoism, Hakomi emphasizes concepts such as mindfulness, loving presence, and empathy while incorporating additional influences such as general systems theory and a range of body-centered therapeutic orientations such as Fendenkrais Method, Bioenergetic Analysis, Psychomotor Therapy, Focusing, Rogerian and Gestalt therapies.

Hakomi sessions explained by the founder, Ron Kurtz

The Hakomi Method is designed to make implicit organizing structures conscious and to relieve the unnecessary suffering by evoking the natural impulse that resides in every living thing, including humans.

Unconscious organizers - emotions, beliefs, attitudes, implicit learning, adaptations and memories - exert strong influences on our whole way of being in the world. Some of the unconscious core material and experiences create habitual patterns of suffering. 

By using precise experiments in mindfulness, unconscious beliefs can surface and new experiences become possible. Healing and transformation happen.

"Hakomi really helped me to look for the gift that everyone that I am working with is offering me."

Shelley Winton, Nurse, Team Leader and Hakomi Teacher

How is Hakomi Different?


The unique contribution of Hakomi to the field of psychotherapy is the use of precise experiments done while the person is in a mindful state, the purpose being to evoke emotions, memories and reactions that will reveal the implicit beliefs and early experiences that are influencing the person's habitual behaviors.

The Hakomi Way: Consciousness & Healing: The Legacy of Ron Kurtz

Hakomi way book.jpeg


Open the door to a life of fulfillment and joy through Hakomi’s transformational events offering unique opportunities for self-exploration and deep connection.

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