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2023 Update from the Archive Team

In 2023, the Hakomi Education Network (HEN) received a large collection of documents, audio and video from Ron Kurtz's widow Terry. Not only was it a kind an generous gesture, it was also an expression of confidence in HEN's capacity to protect, preserve and productively share the wealth of material that Ron left behind. Georgia Marvin has gathered a team of volunteers to manage the immense effort of organizing and editing the material so that I can be made available to our community. Below is a message from Georgia, sharing the progress they have made this year.

Here is the final 2023 update for our Archival Project. I want to start by thanking each of you for your contributions (and your intended contributions). Each little step we take makes the next step easier!

Here are our accomplishments:

  • we have edited over 60 video clips for members that are currently being processed for publication (thanks Marc, Koa and Jon-Eric) and will be made available to all HEN members over the next year

  • Donna Martin, Adama Hamilton and I created a series of 5 HEN sponsored events called “Resourced and Inspired” from Oct to Dec where we used some of the video clips and designed experiential learning opportunities for the participants. These events built momentum for our project and earned HEN over $4300 of income 

  • Trainers are beginning to use some of these clips in their trainings and have been reaching out to me for access

  • Resourced and Inspired series will continue in 2024 and will be featured at the 2024 International Hakomi Congress in Mexico City in April 2024

  • For each object that is archived in its original form, we are producing an edited LONG version for teaching purposes and then creating small “video clips for members” that move through an upscaling, audio, publishing process that Marc, Jon-Eric and I agreed upon. The LONG versions are not being upscaled at this point in time. We would need more technical help if we want to tackle that in the future.

  • all published videos are using the intro that Koa created for us and an outtro that Jon-Eric designed

  • Jon-Eric is using the “video clips for members” to create smaller video clips for use in social media. 

  • Ron’s Teaching Series that have been edited to date:

  • Level 1 in 2008 (21 edited teaching videos and 17 clips for members)

  • Advanced Class at Bodhi House in 2010 (7 edited teaching videos and 12 clips for members)

  • Master Clkass in 2009 (6 edited teaching videos and 15 clips for members)

  • Advanced Class in 2009 (5 edited teaching videos and 6 clips for members)

  • Australia in 2001 (11 edited teaching videos and 22 clips for members)

  • Australia in 2001 (numerous sessions that need reviewing)

  • Level 2 in 2010 - in progress with Art

  • Masterclass in 2010 - in progress with Susan

  • Mexico - Silvia has reviewed the videos from Tepoz and Guanajuato - these videos are ready for editing and we need a Spanish speaking editor to help

  • Montreal - Roland has reviewed the videos of Ron teaching in Montreal. I just received the DVD’s in the mail and will begin editing in 2024)

I wish you a very happy holiday and may some of your wishes come true!

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