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Introducing New HEN Memberships

HEN Memberships now offer more value than ever

Finally after 2 years of hard work, capacity building and problem-solving, we now have the ability to deliver the level of benefit we imagined.

Membership Renewal Season Approaches

For a significant number of you, memberships will be coming due for renewal soon. We're reaching out to let you know that there is more reason than ever to remain (or become) a HEN member.

What does a new membership give you?

We will continue to dream of new ways to connect you with the Hakomi community, and for 2023 we have the following planned:

Regular Events

  • Monthly Building Community events: themed multi-level experiences designed to allow everyone to connect to themselves and each other and offer a rich Hakomi experience.

  • Multiple Community Dialogue events: opportunities for HEN Members to connect with each other and provide feedback on HEN initiatives.

  • We're encouraging events to be held in languages other than (or as well as) English.

More for your membership

  • Discounts: 20% discount on select events

  • Public Directory Listing: Members who register their certifications will have a listing the Public Directory for no additional cost

  • Educational Resources:

    • We have moved a considerable amount of materials to the Member's area that were previously restricted to Resource Subscriptions

    • We recently received the complete archive of Ron's unpublished materials. We're adding new videos and documents on a periodic basis.

  • More to come! We have a couple more projects that we can't share just yet, but we're looking forward to unveiling them early in the new year.

  • Check out this video tour.

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